Thursday, December 13, 2012

Who is Right?

Its 2.30PM in the afternoon. 43 Degree Temperature…. Dry Wind….Rama (52 year old) is working in his farm along with his Ox. Suddenly he heard his neighbor Suresh is calling to him. Suresh is also a farmer. Rama went to nearest bush where Suresh was waiting for him. Suresh came for casual talk…As he was also working in his farm.. Rama took the beedee from his pocket and he lit  one beedee for Suresh also. Both were sweating like hell. Rama shared the water which he had kept in the shadow of Bush to prevent it from sun. But still it was warmer than Rama’s hot body. Due to wind some soil had gone in that water vessel.. Still Suresh drank it by applying his towel around the neck as a filter to that water. 

Both started chatting… Rama saw towards sky….
Rama: Sureshwa is baar bareesh ke lakshan theek naahi lag rahat hai..bahut mushkil me pad sakate hai hum..….
Suresh: hum bhi yehi soch rahat hai… humaari gehu ki fasal sukh jayegi...
Rama: Dhat tere ki….tumhe apani gehu ki padi hai… janawaro ki soch… chara kahase dega janawaro ko..
Suresh: tu kahe pareshaan ho raha hai… tuze kauno pareshan hone ki jarurat nahi..(by taking puff of beedee..)
Rama: kauno fasal nahi hai, bhaisnwa dudh nahi de rahi hai…pata nahi .. ka hoga….

He was thirsty, he just ordered his assistant to bring water. His name is Samarjyot, which was given by his father. But for his colleagues he was Sam, as it was difficult to his colleagues to pronounce his name. He is working as Senior System security Engineer in the Bank of America in New-york. He got big 4 bedroom lavish apartment, black coloured audi car. One kid who is studying in nursery, his wife Sanyogita, a graduate in medicine, is a housewife now. Overall he is leading his life comfortably.

He is going regularly to sports to keep himself fit. He takes a week holiday in 3 months and tries to explore new wonders in the world by visiting different places. Visiting to different restaurant’s and trying new cuisine was common for him. He works hard and aspires to be next position all the time. He has hunger to achieve lot. When he attends the evening party’s with customer sometime he drinks alcohol.

At the same when he wakes up in the morning, he never forgets to pray to god, and just touch to his parent’s photo.

Samarjyot was the son of Rama who was talking to Suresh in the shadow of bush. So always Suresh says you don’t have to worry about the rain. Your son is in America, there will be rain of money in your home. 

When Rama chats with his friends, he proudly says that his son is in America, though Rama don’t know what exactly his son is doing in America. Only he knows that his son is engineer. His friends also respects Rama, because of his son.

It is a fiction but reality in today’s society. In India we hear lot of time, achievement of small town boys, girls. We hear the news, son of a farmer became Engineer, Doctor, IAS officer or working in a NASA. We here that journey of farmers’ son to America, Europe. Rikshawpuller’s son is working as a pilot.

Rama had barely 2-3 hectors of farm. Rama started working when he was 10 years old, as his father was drunkard. He used to work day and night. He never had a weekend, he just had nights to sleep. He was happy with the only 1-2 shirts and trousers. He had his old bicycle. He never aspired anything other than educating his son. He had only one goal, his son should not face the problems which he had faced in his life. His son should get education and get a good job. 

Fortunately Samarjyot was bright in study from childhood. He also worked hard and he was up to his father’s hope. His father used to work lot to pay Samarjyot’s educational expenses.Samarjyot got admission in Bhuvaneshwer Engineering college. For Samarjyot’s  engineering admission Rama did not have the money. He sold his 2 buffalos, through which he was earning some money by selling milk. Expenditure increased exponentially. Rama was not able to pay for Samar’s expenditure by earning in his field. His wife started working in somebody’s else farm to earn extra money.

Samar never forgot all this, he worked hard and got an job offer from software company in pre-final year. Rama was so happy for that, He was proudest father in Jagatpur and offcource he deserve to be proudest person. He used to tell everybody:
“Samar bitwa ko naukari lagi hai.. Bhaiya hamara Samar itana tej tha padhai me, ki hume naukari ke liye kahi ghus nahi deni padi“. 

Once Samar joined software company in Noida, he was very excited. Being small town boy, with little family support he had started rubbing shoulders with the guys who were graduated from big cities, colleges etc. His next ambition was to give all what his parents wanted, show them the things which they have not imagined in their lifetime.  He wanted to do something for that Jagathpur town, poor kids in Jagathpur.

He started visiting parents once in month. It was kind of celebration whenever he used to visit his family in Jagathpur. People started identifying Rama as a father of an Engineer. Relatives who left them in worst, started visiting them again, as Samar started earning.  Samar also brought Television, household accessories. Samar converted his family from lower class to middle class. But Rama was still the same person, who he was when he was a poor person, down to earth.

Soon Samar became part of software crowd. After initial training he was loaded with work in his office. He started working hard. Expectation from him increased. He was up to expectation. His frequency of visiting to his parents slowly reduced. He got some friends, for fun he started drinking beer. For relieving the pressure he started smoking occasionally.  But sometime occasion used to come in every 3 hours. He was missing his parents lot. His father was very happy that his son became a “ Badaa Babu” now.

After 2 years of his career his parents started searching a girl. And finally they found the bride who is a doctor. Samar also happily married. He knew his jobs are only in metros. If one want to survive in metros then he needs to have his own home. He booked flat with hepty amount of 50Lakhs. That was too much for a small town boy. 

He was leading his life happily, but somewhere in his mind he wanted his parents with him. He asked his parents to come and stay with him in Noida. His parents also came there, but after 2-3 weeks they became homesick about Jagathpur. They were not comfortable with artificial life in city. As nobody was there to speak with them. Nobody was there to share beedee with Rama. No buffalo’s in society…. No affection in the people..Only closed door.. Door will be opened only to go out and to come inside..No smell of cow dung…finally Rama decided to catch a bus to Jagathpur so his wife. .

Again daily routine started for Rama. Same buffalo’s , Same Ox, Same field…. Sharing beedee with Suresh…. Gossiping about Samar’s status in his company. But Rama was happy to lead that life…

For Samar, after 5-6 years of career he became right hand of manager. So day night work at office, …. Frequency of visiting to his parents reduced to once in 5 months….. Now Samar was thinking about his huge debt, home loan…..With Indian salary it would take 20years to repay. So he thought to work abroad for few years, then come back to India… and settle down all the debt… He tried and got a job in Bank of America..

His father was very happy that his son was going to America. Infact it was glorious moment for Jagathpur, as Samar was the only person who is traveling  to America. Samar went to America (or ever traveled abroad), by promising his father that he will be back soon. But he never told the definition of that soon..

Samar started working there…. Started earning in dollars… His needs increased…. His standard of living improved… Then  slowly in a year itself he started becoming American… He was thinking 2 more years, I will earn  more dollars and go back….He was also becoming anxious…without parents…In the mean time Sanyogita blessed with Baby boy..

Here Rama, was waiting for his son…His lifestyle has not changed…He got a good status in village, but he was not happy from inside…He worked hard, made his son engineer… His son is in America….
Whenever any bus stops near to his farm, Rama's eyes quickly turns towards the bus stop, thinking may be his grandson will come running and hug his grandfather. His son will come with his wife and touch his feet. Whenever Rama’s wife see the friends of Samar in town, her eyes starts raining…Sometime Rama thinks that Suresh is lucky…His son is also farmer only, but atleast he stays with his father..… 

Samarjyot has money…all the comforts around him… but feeling of being away from parents hurts him….He misses the fish curry cooked by his mother…Samar sends money to his family, but he can not be with his family when his family needs him most..He is on such a track that he can not take a U turn from there…He can not get adjusted in Jagathpur…His life is very fast…

Who is wrong here? Rama or Samar….

Rama is also correct, because he is a father and he expects his son to be with him…He is feeling that his son went away from him….

Samar is also right, he has aspired more. Even he want to be with his parents. But circumstances doesn’t allow him to stay with them forever...

This is the darker side of bright software engineering jobs……I never got an answer to above situation!!!!!!!!!!!….Still searching the answer..

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